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It's Community | It's Culture | It's Business | It's Life

Car Star is a platform dedicated to the car enthusiast; no politics, religion, relationships or nonsense!
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Find an Event in Your Area

Find events ranging from huge annual events to the local cruise-ins. Our event module provides you the ability to find and create events, as well as purchase and sell tickets.

Plan ahead by looking for events in the area where you are going to travel. Invite Friends, Family and more.
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Find, Create, and Socialize

Our Groups feature allow you to create groups and collaborate with other like-minded car enthusiasts. In addition, you can share a wide variety of content, from instructional videos to articles that can help to demonstrate your knowledge.

Enjoy interacting with the many fields of the automotive industry or the groups you choose and create while helping people to know you better.
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Buy, Sale, Trade & More

Our Marketplace empowers you to buy, sell or trade anything automotive. It also provides a place for buyers and sellers to interact with one another. Consequently, you could build up business relationships with potential new customers while also making new acquaintances.

Whether you’re listing products or looking for them on Marketplace, our browsing feature ultimately will help save time.





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