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Era of social network has begun

No other innovation has so quickly altered as many aspects of modern society as the automobile. A symbol of independence and personal freedom, cars made us mobile, transformed our society and shaped our modern culture. Everyone can point to small ways cars impact their lives on a personal level.

Automobiles over time have brought more positive and negative effects than any other invention throughout transportation history. It was the beginning of a new world – of cruising down Main Street to meet with friends. The ritual of picking up your date and making out while parked. Not to mention all the pleasures and frustrations of repairing, souping up, customizing, or racing a car.

Technology was a game changer… along with it came many ways to convert the frustrations into pleasure, which ultimately led to more frustration.

From Youtube to Marketplace, from Craigslist to Amazon, these outlets initially helped the car enthusiast. Unfortunately, these same outlets have become a divisive place filled with politics, religion, and relationship drama.  Our recent disruption has forced the world to shop digitally. However, Price gauging and unsafe connections has made shopping online dissatisfying.


Car Star is a community-based web and mobile software dedicated to the car enthusiast.

Our Marketplace empowers the user to buy, sell or trade anything automotive within its community.

Our event module provides users the ability to find and create events, as well as purchase and sell tickets.

Our Groups feature will allow Users to create groups and collaborate with other likeminded car enthusiasts.

All Car Star user profiles have a story mode to share your car, it’s journey, and if you have many cars, add them to your digital garage for the world to see.

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